Our ministry team

All of our staff are volunteers. Everyone, including our pastors, offer their time without taking a salary. 

It's our pleasure to serve our community and share the love of Christ.

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There are many people on our ministry team not mentioned, we'll be adding to this page in the near future and want to thank everyone who's a part Oasis Church for their ministry and help!

  • John FRADY


    John Frady have been in ministry 20+ years starting Oasis church in 1997. John has done mission work in over 8 different countries helping strengthen churches, bringing prophetic words and teaching leaders how to care for their flock. John teaches weekly on Saturday nights. 

    John and Lynn have been married over 33 years.

  • Lynn Frady


    Lynn Frady is married to John and serves the church with just as much effort and passion. Lynn helps get people directed to services, connected with small groups, plugged in with local counselors and assists with behind the scene activities. She also teaches prophetic art workshops, helping people connect with God through painting. She has a passion to give hope to those in prisoned and participates in related ministry work with our local county jail. 

  • Worship team

    church members

    The purpose of our music ministry is to provide an atmosphere where church members can connect their heart to God through worship.

  • Children & Student Ministries

    Rudy Todd is the director of our program, she's a mother of three and kindergarten teacher.

    Many of our church members volunteer to help educate our children about God through teachings, arts, crafts and videos.

  • greeting team

    ask a question, get assistance

    Many volunteers help direct new comers, answer questions and assist. Just look for them near the church doors there's always someone there to help out.